East Hanover New Jersey Soccer Camp

The primary goal of Morris Elite is to increase the abilities of youth soccer players by fostering a strong soccer education, essentially raising the quality of youth soccer. The main goal, since day one, has been to deliver a unique style of training for young players of all levels. Morris Elite offers professional European and South American style training that has been studied to develop players of any age into quality soccer athletes. Professional soccer player and New Jersey Native Vincenzo Bernardo’s love for youth and athletics resulted in the idea for Morris Elite. Bernardo who currently plays for the new Florida franchise Miami Fusion spends his off season training youth players with a regiment that he aquired while playing around the world. He concluded that it would be best to create a quality and intensive training program for young soccer players to experience, to assure that they are not only physically ready for the season, but also developing technical and tactical knowledge of the sport.

Serving all of the East Hanover New Jersey & Morris County Area With The Best Soccer Training!

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East Hanover New Jersey Soccer Camp



East Hanover New Jersey Soccer Camp

East Hanover New Jersey Soccer Camp

The main goal, since day one, has been to deliver a unique style of training for young players of all levels. Bernardo was quoted, “I don’t want it to be just another soccer training company, we need to be different from all the others.”

Our long term goal is to develop a soccer training company that offers players quality training unlike any other. Soccer is in full bloom in the state of New Jersey and the potential for optimal growth is there to invest and create our own soccer school. The soccer school will have the same mentality, a unique, quality, European style training that no other schools can offer or even compete with. The project is a serious and realistic goal for Bernardo and his staff in the near future. Investments into our project will guarantee association with an excellent and motivating group. Our staff, dedicated to the company’s mission and its players.

East Hanover New Jersey Soccer Camp

East Hanover New Jersey Soccer Camp

We can work in whatever your coaching needs.

  • Camps – Camps for kids of all ages and levels
  • Club training
  • Club Coaching
  • Clinics
  • Tryout evaluations
  • Private Sessions
  • Specialized Training

Team Training(seasonal)

Being a top soccer player isn’t based on just technical skill.

Beyond individual ability, top club and college scouts look at how players work with their team. It is important to have positive team attitude. Morris Elite educates youth players on how to use their individual skills in a team environment and collectively achieve goals to ultimately gain long-term interest in the game.

Tryout Evaluation

Morris Elite also offers complete professional evaluation for team tryouts. Our highly experienced staff will be able to analyze each individual player using specific drills to determine each player’s ability and placement.

Private Training(All year round)

Morris elite soccer offers individual one on one attention to help improve a players weak areas as well as mastering their strengths to help reach individual and team goals. We will work around player/parents personal schedule to help reach his or her full potential.

Goalkeeper Training– (All year round)

Morris Elite soccer understands the importance of goalkeeper training especially starting at a young age. Being a goalie comes with responsibility and is very demanding as well as personally challenging. We offer training to develop fundamental techniques as well as overall knowledge of the position.

Advanced Physical Training– (All year round)

To become the best player you can be it is very important to develop physically as an athlete. Morris Elite offers specialized speed, agility, and strength training all year round through our proud partner Legacy Gym.

Goal Scoring Training(All year round)

This training is for attacking players who want to take their game to the next level. Specialize on the most important aspect of the game, putting the ball in the back of the net! Learn all about what it takes to become the elite goal scorer everyone wants on his or her team!

Defending Training– (All year round)

This is for all defensive minded players who want to focus on developing the knowledge and fundamentals of defending. This training will specialize each player’s defensive tools to become a more complete defender!

East Hanover New Jersey Soccer Camp

Morris Elite Soccer would like to thank everyone who participated in our 2015 summer soccer camps. We hope everyone learned a lot of new things on the field while having fun! This was our 7th summer of camp and we are continuing to see yearly growth! We hope to see everyone at camp next year and encourage all players to continue playing the beautiful game! Stay tuned for possible seasonal clinics throughout the year! Our 2016 camp dates will be posted in March 2016!

The Morris Elite Soccer Camp offers every soccer player a unique training experience. Our staff is comprised of professional and college players from the highest of levels. We provide a systematic and motivating approach to soccer for girls and boys at all levels. We focus on the development of foundational skills and illustrating the fun and creativity of soccer to each player. Our goal is to develop students of the game at every level A professional evaluation done by the staff at the end of the week is also what the camp offers to the players. we believe training does not end at the end of camp; therefore, players are giving a soccer ball to train year round. The goal for every summer is to grow as a camp and make sure every player learned something that he or she can use for the future and is happy/satisfied for the unique experience. After seeing the camp grow each summer we have realized, as a staff, the project can be taken to a higher level, with a bigger impact.  About approximately 70% of campers return year over year. Growth has occurred at over 100% from year one to year two.

East Hanover New Jersey Soccer Camp

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